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With a wide array of talent cultivated through years of experience, I currently serve in three areas of focus: music, technology and business. While I am more than happy working with ventures of any size, my primary focus is on helping independent artists, small businesses and technology related startups define their goals, develop their products (MVP through decline), establish and grow my client’s online presence, help define and execute their business strategies, and take their products to launch and beyond.

I passionately adore mixing/mastering records; teaching business, marketing, yogic philosophy and music production;  and the product development stage of the product life cycle (any size or complexity and including rapid prototyping, defining the MVP and UX/UI).

I am a master reductionist and can skillfully refine even the most complex of systems or behaviors into their simplest, most intuitive and actionable forms.

I am also thrilled to share the knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years. I currently have students ranging from 6 to 79 across a broad array of interests, including tour support, home automation programming, rapid prototyping, prodcut development, and beat making.

Check out the links above to see a list of past clients and a sampling of my work.

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